Wirtschaftsschüler empfingen Gäste aus internationalen Partnerschulen

Im Rahmen des Erasmus Plus Projekts „Fun And Curriculum oriented Exercises for Information Technology (FACE:IT)“ verbrachten 16 Schülerinnen und Schüler sowie acht Lehrkräfte aus den Partnerschulen in Griechenland, Polen und Spanien eine ereignisreiche Woche an der Wirtschaftsschule in Dinkelsbühl. Eifrig arbeiteten die Schülerinnen und Schüler am gemeinsamen Projekt. Dieses Projekt befasst sich mit der Erstellung einer App für Smartphones. Bei dieser App handelt es sich um ein Quiz mit Fragen zu den Lehrplänen der vier Schulen.

In international gemischten Gruppen wurden in Workshops technische und inhaltliche Fragen der App-Erstellung behandelt. Hierbei konnten die Wirtschaftsschüler ihre Fremdsprachenkenntnisse verbessern und ihre im Unterricht gelernten Fertigkeiten am Computer unter Beweis stellen.

Die Jugendlichen verbrachten die Woche in fränkischen Gastfamilien und lernten so den Alltag in Deutschland kennen. Ausflüge nach Rothenburg und Nürnberg sowie weitere Aktivitäten rundeten das abwechslungsreiche Programm ab. Museumsbesuche, beispielsweise im „Dokumentationszentrum Reichsparteitagsgelände“ in Nürnberg, wurden genutzt, um Fragen zum Quiz zu erstellen.

Abschließender Höhepunkt des auf zwei Jahre angelegten Projektes ist der Besuch der Partnerschüler im April 2019 in Griechenland.

Chytiris, StD


Dies ist ein Auszug von Bildern, die während dieser Wochen entstanden sind:


The report on the short-term learning activity in Spain



Despite the early start for the Polish team it was a big excitement and we were waiting impatiently boarding. Our plane touched the ground at 10:33 a.m. at the airport in Malaga and we immediately saw the beauty of Spain. We fell in love with this country at first sight. After a few hours we arrived in Fuente Palmera where we met our hosts. We were tired się we went straight to our hosting homes.


The first day of our start started with the first surprise – a trip to Seville – the capital of Andalusia; organized by our host families. We visited, among others the famous Plaza de España and we have discovered the charms of the Real Alcázar – The Royal Palace.

In the evening we went to the market square on Fuente Palmera to see the carnival. Later we went to a party to the local restaurant with the whole Erasmus group.


We were officially and above all warmly greeted at IES Colonial. We visited the school building, tried a typical Spanish breakfast. There were also the first project classes, including a short Spanish lesson that allowed us to show acting talents.


The beauty of Andalusia did not cease to surprise us. The next city that we had the opportunity to visit was Cordoba – a place with a rich and surprising history, we came across it every step we took. During a walk through the narrow streets of the city, we visited some of the most important monuments, including the famous La Mezquita.


Palma del Rio and Posadas – the goals for the last trip.

We visited the Guadex factory, where we discovered where oranges come to Poland (and other countries) from.

Another point of the schedule was Almodóvar del Rio, over which an intimidating Berber fortress rises.

The day ended with an exciting attraction – a ropes course in Posadas. The students were able to try thier hand at overcoming obstacles between tree crowns.

We spent the night of Valentine’s day watching the match of Real Madryt and PSG, cheering on a better team.


We came back to the school for the next project lessons. We had an opportunity to get to know traditional dances of Andalusia – sevillanas and flamenco and to learn some basic steps of the first of them. Actually it wasn’t the end of this day…

In the afternoon there was a fancy-dress party, titled FACE IT’s got talent. The project participants worked in groups and prepared short performances.


The end came faster than we had expected. Each student got a certificate and small gifts from the school and from the Mayor of Fuente Palmera. After the official part, the students from Spain showed us presentations about Andalusia and the history of Spain. The last attraction was a quiz on what we had learned during the past week.

This is how we ended our adventure with IES Colonial, but not with Spain… Our hosts prepared one more attraction for us – a farwell party. There was a lot of music, laughs and long conversations. We felt like a group of good, old friends.


Unfortunately, in the end there is always a time to say goodbye and it was that time. It was not without tears and promises of meeting again. We will miss the beautiful Andalusia, the Spanish sun, delicious food which our hosts had made us.

Above all, however, we will miss the wonderful people we met there. We have never experienced such a warm reception before and probably will never experience again. Your openess, friendly attitude, understanding and hard work that you put into make us feel at home will not be forgotten. You will always be in our hearts, and we are waiting for you in Poland. Our doors are always open to you and our homes are your homes.

We do not say goodbye, we say see you again!

video from visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KpDW9RxGrTw

16 February 2018 – Sixth day in Spain

On Friday we were at school. At first we got Certificates in a ceremony and said goodbye to the school. After that we visited Higar Novias and BTEC. On Midday we work on the quiz and translated it into our languages. In the afternoon and evening we had a party with all, there we played football, basketball etc. We had food and drink. After that we went to our host families.

15 February 2018 – Fifth day in Spain

On Thursday morning we had a school lesson with a presentation about how to program a robot and after the presentation we worked with an international partner and programmed our own robot. After the break we saw a dance of a Spainish teacher and if we wanted we could try it, too.

At 7 o`clock we had a carnival party at school with a dance show. After the party we went to a park where the students/people always gather and had a lot of fun with the other students.

14 February 2018 – Fourth day in Spain

On Wednesday we visited a company which export their oranges and mandarins to almost everywehere in Europe. After this we drove by bus to a very old castle, this castle was used in the TV-series Game of Thrones. In the evening we were in a climbing park, we were split in two groups. The first one was climbing and the second one did some minigames. When the first group had ended to climb we changed.