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12 February 2018 – Second day in Spain

First report:

On Monday we went to school at 8:30. At the school the teachers started to say hello to everybody. After this we did an exercise about the Spanish settlers. We had to listen to audios which we scanned with our mobilephone with a code. After the exercise we performed a little drama in our groups. In the afternon we went to a pub in the city with our families.

It was a very nice day😉


Second report:

On Monday we had a sports lesson, a history lesson at school about the Spanish settlers and an attended a presdentation about the Spanish language.

After school we went back to our families and did some free time activities like soccer.

11 February 2018 – First day in Spain

On Sunday we went to Sevilla by bus and had a funny drive. In Sevilla we went to a big place where a woman explained us what had happend in Sevilla’s history. After that, we had free time and walked at the palace and if we wanted we could take pictures. After our free time we visited a museum about the history of Sevilla and then we had free time again and walked into the city. When we came home to Fuente Palerma we went to a small disco and danced a little bit with the students and ate something. And then we walked home.