The report on the short-term learning activity at ZSO Kluczbork by Laura Ślesińska

In December I took part in an international project F.A.C.E IT, ERASMUS+ , which gave me many opportunities and benefits. During this time two girls from Spain visited me in my home.  Their visit to my house lasted a week.  Already on the first day, we knew that we would be friends. I had the opportunity to taste some typical Spanish dishes which allowed me to get to know the flavours of the Spanish cuisine. Thanks to them I learned basic phrases in their language. Every day was an attempt of my English skills. My mother and I taught them a few phrases in Polish such as dzień dobry, dziękuję, przepraszam, etc.  The girls told me a lot about their culture so we also tried to teach them as much about the Polish culture as possible. My guests from Spain Nuria and Alba are now my friends. They showed me pictures of their friends, families, horses and attractions in their city. Every evening, we tried to spend as much time as possible to get to know each other the best. This project has given me a new experience, knowledge and fantastic memories that will stay with me and my mother for a long time. I am very happy that I can take part in this project. It was a time in which I was able to practise my English skills. I hope that in February 2018 I will be able to visit my friends from Spain.

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