The report on the short-term learning activity in ZSO Kluczbork by Maja Osmólska

Over the last months I took part in the Erasmus + project. Students from Germany, Greece and Spain came to our school. They spent a week in our country, living with the families of students at our school. Erasmus is a real school of life – it teaches how to deal with a foreign country in new conditions, so it will certainly be a great opportunity to start looking boldly into the future and make life decisions. Students who are in a foreign country overnight are forced to look for ways to overcome difficulties that do not arise if someone learns in a familiar school and place. One of the most important advantages of such a program is the development of one’s own personality. Students taking part in the exchange are sure to learn tolerance, independence, get to know their possibilities. They are braver. They learn a new language and get to know the culture of other countries. This results in the fact that, as in the future, going abroad will have ease with communication and we will be more open to people. I believe that this project brings a lot to our lives and I hope that it will be organized in more schools.

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