The report on the short-term learning activity in ZSO Kluczbork by Martyna Opel


From 4th December to December 8th, 2017 there was a short-term learning activity within the project F.A.C.E IT, Erasmus+. Our school hosted students from Greece, Spain and Germany. The students stayed at the homes of our secondary school students. The purpose of the exchange was to show our guests the Polish culture, history and make new friends. We spent the first day in Opole on a trip organized by our parents. In the morning, together with some of our students and our guests, we met at the bus station and took the bus. At 11.00 we entered the Puzzles Room, where we spent an hour. Then we went to play laser paintball. After great fun we went to the Karolinka Shopping Centre. After shopping and a rest, we returned to Kluczbork. On Monday, the official part started and the welcome of our guests took place. After the start, everyone went to the classes with their guest students. After the lessons, computer classes were held, and after the classes all the students and guests had a meeting with a police officer. At 4:00 PM after finishing school, we went home. Around 18.00 we went with our guests for a walk in the Kluczbork Park to get to know each other. On the third day our first planned trip took place. We went to Auschwitz. We left at 8.00. The project coordinators and teachers went with us. The journey passed very quickly. Around 11:00 we arrived in Oświęcim. While traveling on the bus, the guide familiarized us briefly with the history of the camp and warned us that we should respect the place. During the tour, each of the participants of the trip, as the guide told us, remained serious. After visiting Auschwitz, we went on a short tour of the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum. After a shocking tour, we went to the shopping center in Oświęcim for a hot meal. Around 8 pm we were already in Kluczbork. The fourth day was much more pleasant than the third, because we went to the „Polish capital of culture“, that is Wrocław. We also left in the morning. Our first stop in Wroclaw was Africarium. Then we went to Hydropolis, the knowledge centre about water. After sightseeing, it was time for the Christmas Market. We had the opportunity to see the beautifully decorated Wrocław market, buy Christmas treats and drink something warm. We returned home after the fair. We spent the last days at school. First we had math classes, during which we made mathematical figures. After mathematical activities, the time has came for quiz classes. During thoseclasses in groups we created questions for the quiz regarding our trips. The last classes were computer classes. Together with the help of the teachers, we created designs for the application related to our project. After the classes we had free time and with a group of friendly guests we went for dumplings to show our guests what is best in Polish cuisine. Around 4 pm, we all returned to school, there was a presentation of traditional Silesian costumes waiting for us. After the presentation, the time came for a farewell party. We danced and had a nice last evening together. On the last day there was a ceremony of certificates and thanks to host families. After giving thanks, we went to the Jan Dzierżon Museum. Around 11 o’clock we went back to school and went with our guests to the lessons. After school, at 6 pm we went for a farewell walk. During the night from Friday to Saturday, we had to say goodbye to our guests and bring them to the place of departure. In my opinion, this exchange taught us not only to better speak English, but also to learn about other cultures and make international friendships.

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