5 December 2017 – Second day in Poland

First report:

At first we went to school and after then we drove all together to Auschwitz. There we had to wear headsets to hear the Tour Guide. We were in two groups, with Polish and English people. After that we had seen some houses with pictures and original hair, shoes and other things. Then we had seen the crematorium. Then we drove all to Birkenau and visited some other baraks, houses where 700 people slept. Then we had seen a washing room and a train wagon, where people were transported. And the train Station. After this we drove home. On the bus we talked much together. It was a really sad but interessing day at the concentrationcamp.

Second report:

The day started at 8 o‘clock at the school and we drove three hours to Auschwitz to the concentration Camps. It was very sad to look in the hopeless eyes of the prisoners on their photographies.

We saw many stalls which were changed to became dormitories for the prisoners and the toilets of the concentration camps. After this our group went to eat something.


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